Q.when can I claim my Free share?

A. The Free share will be redeemable shortly after we launch the equity platform / mobile app

Q. Do I actually own the property?

A.Each shareholder owns a percentage of the property value that has been purchased. This is tracked through the use of blockchain systems that record your stake in the property transparently and securely. 

Q. Where does Pocket Properties invest?

A. Pocket Properties will be investing in the US residential real estate market. With plans of branching into international markets in the future. This includes both Debt and equity investment opportunities

Q. What am I investing in?

A. You are investing in the “debt” side of a real estate transaction.

Q. When Will I Get Paid?

A. Once the Borrower pays back the loan we will issue invested money plus some sweet bonus money (interest).

Q. How do I Invest?

A. Simple, return to the home page and register for a new account.

Q. How do I become a borrower?

A. Return to the home page, choose the menu tab “become a borrow”, fill out the short questionnaire and someone will reach out shortly.

Q. How long will the Project proposal be available?

A. Each Project will be available for investing for roughly 60 days, or until 100% of the loan value is filled.

Q. What happens if the loan is not paid back?

A. These are collateralized loans, the borrower must put up the property being renovated as collateral to get approved for the loan. This ensures that our lenders will get paid back.

Q.How do I make money?

A.The Pocket Properties platform will have multiple revenue streams for our users, just like a real estate investor. You can make passive income and capital gains through purchased shares.


Please beware of Scammers selling Pocket Properties Algorand standard asset token labeled $Prots id number: ID504109819 THIS IS A SCAM AND IS NOT A POCKET PROPERTY AUTHORIZED TOKEN STAY CLEAR. Pocket Properties has not released any products as of now. To keep up with all of our latest updates please follow our official links. All official happenings can be found at the following official links

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