How it Works – Enterprise

The IgnitionDeck Enterprise plugin suite is a powerful solution for WordPress that allows users to create their own crowdfunding projects on your website. It just tkaes a few simple steps.

  1. User registers on your site and fills in their account information. Their profile photo will be pulled from
  2. Depending on how you set your site up, the user may need to enable creator permissions. This can be done automatically on registration or you can ask them to check a checkbox on their account page. It can also be linked to a product they have to buy.
  3. Once this is enabled, the user can then access a tab called “My Projects” on their dashboard and will be able to create a new project from there. If money id going to be transferred directly from the backer to the project creator, there will also be a tab on their dashboard where they can set up their payment methods.
  4. Once they submit their project it will need to be approved by anadmin. Once approved, users can start sharing the link and raising funds.

It is a simple four-step process for users to be able to raise money for their genius idea or fund-raising project. What your site focuses on is up to you!