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Buy & trade shares of real estate for less than $10. No hassle, No headache, No management. Truly passive real estate investing. 

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Simple Real Estate Investing


Easy to Use

Instantly deposit funds, purchase shares, search by location,  & analyze potential investments, all from your smart phone.


Truly Passive

Take advantage of truly passive wealth building. Property management is handled on your behalf by our board of skilled real estate analysts.


Buy, Sell, & Trade

Utilize data driven liquidity generated within our secondary market place and capture the appreciation of your asset.


Mobile Friendly & Focused

The first mobile-focused real estate investing app with fractional shares.


Fractional Ownership

 By owning shares of you are legally a partial owner and are entitled to your share in the profits. We’ll even pay out monthly rent dividends directly to you.


Keep Track of Your Cash

Store and track your shares in app or store them in a supported wallet.


Our Impact

Eco-Friendly & Solar Powered 

Pocket Properties will multipurpose our real estate! Whenever possible our properties will be fitted with solar panels. This will allow us to provide low cost & dependable energy for our residents. We also gain the ability to sell clean solar energy back to local grids.


By breaking real estate into smaller pieces, we are able to eliminate cost as a barrier of entry for investors. This means more people have access to real estate investing, allowing for a properties value to truly be set by the market. In short we turn a game that very few can play into one that everyone can!

Affordable & Income Based

Many of the residential properties available to buy & trade on the Pocket Properties platform will be income-based and section 8. We help under served communities not only by democratization but also through proving affordable housing opportunities. 


Our leaders created Pocket Properties with the intent of building wealth for under served communities and ending the plight of gentrification that leads to lost affordable housing opportunities.


Do I actually own the property?

Each share holder legally owns the share of the property that they have purchased. This is done through the use of smart contract systems that record your stake in the property.

Where does Pocket Properties source their property?

At launch Pocket Properties will only be dealing in the US residential real estate market. Pocket Properties does have plans of branching into markets outside the US in the future.

Will Pocket Properties be available in my country?

The Pocket Property platform will be made available to all eligible countries and will remain in full compliance with your countries security laws.

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