What Are the Advantages of Fractional Real Estate Investing?

Pocket Properties is embarking on a truly unique approach to real estate investing. Here are a few reasons to invest early:

Pocket Properties is bringing real estate investing to everyone. For less than ten dollars, people can buy, sell, and trade fractional shares of the property to build their own personal real estate portfolio. Our one-of-a-kind platform is revolutionizing real estate investing, finally providing a better way than ever for the average investor to invest in both the debt and equity side of property.

Pocket Properties makes starting a real estate portfolio simple. Just set up a profile and search our available properties. After finding a property of interest, you’ll be able to purchase your first shares of real estate or fund a real estate project within seconds.

The traditional real estate market has many barriers to entry: high capital cost, lack of financial knowledge, and a steep learning curve are all common pitfalls for getting started in real estate investing. Pocket Property's primary mission is to provide accessible and affordable property investing for everyone, compared to the traditional real estate market where the average investor's starting net worth is $1.4 million! Our investment model provides shares of real estate with all of the benefits of owning the property outright and no need for maintenance, large down-payments, excessive paperwork, or complicated loan agreements.

[For more information on traditional real estate investing, we recommend Titan Funding's guide to getting started in real estate investing.]

  1. No Need to Buy and Manage Property

Currently, real estate investing involves the buying process, ownership, renovation, upkeep, management, rental, or sale of real estate for profit.

Not with Pocket Properties! We partner and work with the best management companies to ensure that we provide the highest quality housing for people. Our business model incentivizes us to provide a high-quality property for a great price, ensuring that properties are occupied ensuring maximizing dividend rates for our shareholders. Our priorities are keeping tenants happy, ensuring that the property’s conditions are up to date, and securing dividends for each of our investors.

Fractional real estate allows for partial ownership of real estate. Since management and maintenance are left to us, investing means being a property owner without all the hassle of maintaining and renting out a property on your own. These innovations to the real estate industry mean anyone can receive monthly dividends on shares of real estate at a low and affordable price point.

2. Passive Income

When doing a quick search of what is passive income this is what you will find “passive income is income that requires minimal labor to earn and maintain. It is called progressive passive income when the earner expends little effort to grow the income. Examples of passive income include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate.”

Where Pocket Properties App is special is we do not require all the typical barriers that come along with earning passive income. We provide an all-inclusive financial app that allows people to start earning passive income with just a few taps on their phones. Pocket Properties App will be providing traditional online banking services as well. This includes checking accounts, debit cards, and credit cards among many other services along with our very own instant lending platform!


Pocket Properties has a unique advantage in the emerging fractional real estate market. Our team is composed of Real Estate, blockchain, and securities trading experts. We use fintech products and know what areas need special attention to create a real "stock exchange for real estate".

ESG Priority

Pocket Properties App emphasizes doing what is right for our country's future and our investors. (Environmental, social and corporate governance). The clearest path to maximizing dividends on each property is to increase their energy efficiency, not only is it the right thing to do ethically. We will be integrating solar and renewable energy resources on many of the properties that will add to the revenue stream of each property.

Pocket Properties App is a company created by people that have been previously segregated from this real estate industry. Pocket Properties App knows what is needed for a more accessible and affordable marketplace for everyone, not just the elites. The most important impact is the effect we will have on rental prices by allowing shareholders to have a say in what a property is charging to ensure they maintain a dividend on their owned shares, many of the property owned by our shareholders will likely provide a much more affordable housing experience for many not only helping the shareholders in there journey to financial freedom but also helping the tenants of the rentals achieve theirs as well! This effect is often referred to as the prisoner's dilemma, essentially this is where it is in both party's best interest to work in tandem.

Our Marketplace

Explore the early markup of our marketplace. Our finished product will resemble the user-friendly brokerages we all know and love. Our goal is to make real estate investing a friendly, familiar, and passive experience.

Choose How You Pay

Users will get to choose what payment methods they'd like. Being a blockchain-powered company gives our users the ability to pay with standard currencies or their favorite cryptocurrency. It just depends on preference!


By breaking real estate into smaller pieces, we can eliminate cost as a barrier of entry for investors. This means more people have access to real estate investing, allowing for a property's value to truly be set by the market. In short, we turn a game that very few can play into one that everyone can!

Affordable & Income Based

Many of the residential properties available to buy & trade on the Pocket Properties platform will be income-based and section 8. We help underserved communities not only by democratization but also by providing affordable housing opportunities.

Easy to Use

Instantly deposit funds, purchase shares, search by location, & analyze potential investments, all from your smartphone.

Buy, Sell, and Trade

Utilize data-driven liquidity generated within our secondary marketplace and capture the appreciation of your assets.

Truly Passive

The first platform to allow users to invest in both the debt and equity side of Real Estate investing. Giving our users the ability to take advantage of truly passive wealth building.

We will offer our revolutionary Social investing platform, along with our fractional shares platform.

Social Investing

This allows Real Estate professionals the ability to establish a social media-like profile where they can propose projects that need funding to our users. Our users then go in and fund the loan for the proposed project.

Fractional Ownership

By owning shares you are legally a partial owner and are entitled to your share in the profits. We’ll even pay out monthly rent dividends directly to you.

Mobile-Friendly & Focused

The first mobile-focused real estate investing app with fractional shares.

ability to link Smart-Wallets such as Meta Mask, Coinbase, and much more for asset to asset trading and lending.

Keep Track of Your Cash

Store and track your shares in-app or store them in a supported wallet.

Pocket Properties App is a one-of-a-kind app that is making these real estate markets accessible and affordable for everyone. If you would like to start securing your generational wealth you can sign up for Pocket Properties App on our website listed below. You even have the opportunity to help accelerate the democratization of real estate markets by investing in Pocket Properties App through our Wefunder account.

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